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Scorpion Control

Our Scorpion Control Service

Scorpions are common in certain parts of Albuquerque. Most species are not very poisonous, comparable to stings of a bee or wasp. It can be dangerous for people who are sensitive or allergic. Give us a call and keep them out of your home.

Scorpion Control In Albuquerque, NM

Our Unique Approach To Scorpion Control

In order to control scorpions, you need specialized products designed to work specifically on them and their food source. We start with an outside granular treatment to all dirt, grass, mulch, and rock areas around your home. We follow that with a power spray to cracks, crevices, block walls, and around entry points of your house, such as windows, doors, and eves. Inside treatments to areas where they have been seen and like to hide.

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Bi-Monthly Pest Control

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Our bi-monthly pest control service includes all crawling insects other than wood-destroying pests and bed bugs.

Note: Initial setup fee required. Also, you can pay for a year in advance and save 10%!

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One-Time Pest Control

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Our one-time pest control service is guaranteed for 60 days and includes all crawling insects other than wood-destroying pests and bed bugs!

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