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Our Bed Bug Control Treatment Service

We know how scary waking up to red welts, rashes, and hives due to bed bug bites can be. So if you’ve spent the last few nights tossing and turning, we can help! You see, bed bugs are troublesome pests. They’re sneaky, hard to find, and can cause potential health problems. Armed with 30 years of experience and state-of-the-art products/tools, A-Extreme Services Green Pest Management is well-equipped to help you get rid of bed bugs for good!

Bed Bug Control Treatment In Albuquerque, NM

We proudly use Aprehend a bio alternitive to chemicals.

Aprehend is a revolutionary fungal biopesticide used for the elimination and prevention of bed bugs. The highly-trained team at A-Extreme Services Green Pest Management will apply strategic barriers to key areas where bed bugs are known to hide. When a bed bug comes in contact with a treated surface, the fungal spores stick to its feet and body and are taken back to its harborage. The spores quickly transfer bed bugs by direct contact, targeting bed bugs that do not leave the harborage. After 24 hours, the spores will germinate like seeds killing the bed bugs within 3-7 days.


The naked eye cannot see the common bed bug. So we’ll perform a thorough inspection checking your mattress, box spring, bed frame, head/footboards, walls, and carpet in the affected room. We’ll also check adjoining rooms just to be sure. This step helps us determine the severity of the bed bug infestation and how many rooms are affected.

2. Minimal homeowner Preparation

a) De-clutter. This will assist in removing potential bed bug harborages. Check items for signs of infestation.

b) Move all furniture items away from the walls to allow access to the baseboards around the entire room.

c) Cover fish tanks, terrariums, and small animal cages with a clean towel or sheet.

d) Finally, remove all sheets, covers, dust ruffles, comforters, pillows, and any other bedding covers from your mattress and box spring in all bedrooms that are to be treated. Wash all bed linens in the hottest water possible and then run through a hot dryer cycle for a minimum of 40 minutes. Replacing the original bedding without treatment at high heat is likely to reintroduce bed bugs to the treated room, resulting in control failure.

e) Do not re-enter treated areas for 4 hours after service.

f) Do not spray any pesticides or cleaning products in treated areas after the Aprehend treatment. This will kill the Aprehend and result in control failure.

g) Allow the treatment time to work, do not clean or remove the spray barriers. In most cases, barriers will be applied in inconspicuous areas. If the infestation was suspected behind baseboards or electrical outlets, a 2″ spray barrier might have been applied on the wall above or around these installations. Under certain lighting conditions, these barriers may be visible. Leave these in place until you are sure that the infestation has been eradicated. The barrier will remain active for up to 3 months if left undisturbed but is easily removed with kitchen or bathroom cleaner when required.

h) Live bed bugs may be visible for 2-3 weeks after the treatment. Affected bugs may be seen wandering in unusual places. This is a sign that the treatment is working. Remember that bed bugs may not leave their harborages a few days after treatment, and nymphs hatching from eggs will not be affected until they cross a spray barrier. However, all bed bugs will die within 3-7 days after coming into contact with Aprehend. Contact A-Extreme Services if you still see live bed bugs 30 days after treatment.

Why Choose A-Extreme Services Green Pest Management

We’re passionate about helping people just like you get rid of unwanted pest problems. As such, we are proud to be the only pest control company in Albuquerque, NM promising excellence in value, service, and trust.


Best service for an affordable price. We value your time, most of our prices can be found right on our site for houses up to 4500 square feet.


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We know it can be scary having new people in your home. We are family owned and operated, and still have our very first customer from 34 years ago. Just read our reviews and you will see that most of our customers are like family.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this question depends on your mattress’s condition and the bed bug infestation size. If there are holes or tears in the mattress, bed bugs and their eggs may be nested inside. So we usually recommend discarding the mattress in this case. But if your mattress is in good shape and the infestation isn’t severe, you can use safe mattress encasements and active guard liners. Both of these products are effective as preventative and proactive bed bug treatments.

Let’s set the record straight… bed bugs do NOT transmit diseases through their bites. They do, however, suck blood from their host with piercing mouthparts, but the bite itself is painless. Bed bugs also do not live under the skin. Their bites often appear as red, itchy bumps or welts on the skin, usually on the arms or shoulders. So if you’re noticing bites like this on your skin, please call us at 505-922-0066 today!

After we treat your home for bed bugs, we recommend that you inspect any used furniture you purchase before bringing it into your home. This is especially true for bed frames, mattresses, and couches. We also recommend that you check for bed bugs in your hotel room while traveling.  It’s a good idea to keep luggage in the bathtub when not in use.

Pricing for bed bug treatments starts at $400 for the first room. Your exact price will depend on the size of the infestation and how many rooms are affected. So we recommend you call 505-922-0066 to schedule your bed bug inspection today! We’ll check your mattress, box spring, bed frame, head & footboards, furniture, walls, and carpet for these blood-sucking pests.

No, do not enter the treated areas for 4 hours after service. On average, our bed bug treatments take 30 minutes to 2 hours per room to complete. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that all the bed bugs will be killed in the initial treatment. It will take 3-7 days to start working. To get an accurate estimate, please call 505-922-0066. We’ll gladly answer this question and any other bed bug questions you have.


We guarantee our Aprehend bed bug treatment for a minimum of 90 days. Of course, most of our customers enjoy our bed bug treatment results for much longer than that. We do a great job of assessing your unique situation, implementing a proper solution, and monitoring activity after the job is done! To schedule your service, please call 505-922-0066.

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Our bi-monthly pest control service includes all crawling insects other than wood-destroying pests and bed bugs.

Note: Initial setup fee required. Also, you can pay for a year in advance and save 10%!

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Our one-time pest control service is guaranteed for 60 days and includes all crawling insects other than wood-destroying pests and bed bugs!

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